Access DS search voa link, not a search block

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I am using DS search as a default search engine.
I don't want to use a search block to access it, but a link to a search page.
If I use the search url for the node search (/search/node/) , or user search (/search/user), I get a nice, clean search form landing page.
However, if I access /search (when DS search is the default method), I get the notice:
"You must include at least one positive keyword with 3 characters or more."
Which is unwelcome search landing page.
Is there a way to avoid this notice?


(sorry for the rushed and bad

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(sorry for the rushed and bad spelling in the title...)

Make another page your search page

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You could use the search form block, display it in the content region and limit it to one custom page, e.g. at '/find'. Link to that page.

And you should always turn off the warning messages on production sites at '/admin/config/development/logging'.

Thank you so much for your

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Thank you so much for your wise advice!