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I'm working on a charity website (sorry Stella, don't mean to step on your turf but this guy is a friend of mine!). Anyway, he wants to be able to accept donations which will be handled through PayPal. Rather than using the ugly PayPal Donate button, I would prefer to set up a donation form that redirects to PayPal to accept the payment and then returns to the Drupal site for a Thank You message. I know this can all be handled using Commerce and Commerce Donate but that seems a bit heavy handed as he's not selling anything - just collecting donations.

The alternative option I looked at was using the Payment API and Donate modules but the PayPal module that integrates with Payment API only has a Dev version for D7 (and at that, it looks like it only works with Web Payment Pro and not Web Payment Standard).

So I am just wondering if anyone has any other ideas?





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You could try using Paypal payment along with the Payment module as your backend.

Payment comes with a form field for adding a payment form onto entities or you could use the Payment donation module to have a block for accepting donations.

I've never used any of those modules, but I have heard good things about Payment.

Thanks a mil Chris for coming

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Thanks a mil Chris for coming back so quick.

I've just tried those modules, but Payment Donation requires Currency v2 which requires PHP 5.3. And I get a mad error (which is in Hebrew) when I try to enable Paypal Payment which when I Google looks like that needs PHP 5.3 as well. At the moment I only have PHP 5.2.17 on my VPS and I'm not in the position to upgrade at the moment as I still have a few Drupal 6 sites running on the same VPS.

So just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions.



@frankdesign I tend to use

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@frankdesign I tend to use the Pay module, with the webform_pay and paypal module extensions - but it's not well maintained and we've had to patch it heavily. I wouldn't really recommend it. The Payment API is where the future is really (and actively maintained), but wasn't fully featured enough when I last reviewed it a few months ago - it's probably come a long way since.

I would look into how badly those D6 sites break under PHP 5.3, sometimes it's not that bad (especially if current with the latest module releases). I'm guessing upgrading the sites to D7 is out of the question? :)

P.S. it's not "my turf", I don't claim ownership or anything!

Make it easy on yourself

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If you're happy with the PayPal approach but just don't like the look of the button, why not choose the option in PayPal when creating the button that says use custom image for button?

Thanks Stella & Mark.

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Thanks Stella & Mark. Upgrading old sites not an option for the moment and a few of them use modules like Embedded Media Field for videos, Advanced Forum and FUpload - all of which I think have problems under PHP 5.3. I'll have to test with virtual dev environment on php5.3 to find out - one of those things for my to-do list!!!

So for the moment, it looks like I'll go with Marks option



P.S. Sella, only joking about the charity turf!


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