Dublin Drupal Meetup - December (early this month!)

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2013-12-18 19:00 - 21:00 UTC

The next Dublin Meetup is on this Wednesday the 18th of December at the Dara Creative office at 19 Magennis Place, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 at 7pm. This will have the usual format of presentations and demos.

If anyone has any suggestions for topics they'd like to present on, sites or modules they'd like to demo or even just things they'd like to discuss or ask questions on, then add them here!

Hope to see you there!


Unfortunately I won't be able

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Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this month as we're launching a site that night (all going well!), but hope to see you all at the next one in January!

Cancel December's meet up

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Hi all,

I get the impression there won't be too many around for this coming meeting. So far, I'm the only one I know who will be there. I think it makes sense to cancel December's and catch up in January.

What do ya think people?

Hello, I was planning to go,

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I was planning to go, but if nobody is coming....
I don't mind going directly to the pub if we are not many people.
But I will be there to see what happen.


New Year

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The new year is good for me, I won't be able to make this Wednesday. Best of luck with the site launch Stella

Drupal Open Days 2014 (Ireland) Friday 16th and Saturday 17th May 2014, GEC, D8

Pub it is :)

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Hi guys, thanks for responding.

I think Luis' idea is a good one. And inline with it being drinking season and all :)

We usually head to ONeills on Pearse St, a little ways past the Science Gallery on the opposite side of the road.

Not sure if I will make it, but I will try.

December meet

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It got so stormy, I don't know if people went.



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