Anyone looking to build a summer reading site that uses badges?

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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone else was looking at online badges for their summer reading sites.

Here is an example of the idea (in WordPress)

And if you are looking at this idea how are you going about it, ie hiring a company or building it in house. I would also be curious about the modules are you using?

I know that BiblioCommons has something like this but I am not looking at that option at this time.

Thanks in advance for the information,

Sharon Grant
Digital Branch Manager
Kitsap Regional Library


I began creating one for our

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I began creating one for our library after seeing the Canton Public Library's "Connect Your Summer" presentation at ALA this year... but we are on drupal 7, and the User Badges module didn't have rules support at the time.

I haven't check back since, but it looks like the dev version has been updated recently, perhaps it has the functionality now.

D7 without user_badges

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User Badges is a very good D6 module, and the Rules support CPL added makes it work well for Summer Reading-type applications. In Drupal 7+, however, user_badges may not be necessary.

You could create a content type (or even better, an entity type, for instance using ECK) with the same properties and fields as a user_badges badge and then build out the functionality with entity references (such as a profile field on the user). Rules will likely play nice with this arrangement, though there may be some glue code involved. Same with Views, and whichever means you use to cache statistics.


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