Does Drupal support DISTINCT ON (field1, field2)

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Hi guys,

I'm new to postgreSQL in Drupal and can't figure out how to do a DISTINCT ON select within drupal's query classes with declared fields like this:

SELECT DISTINCT ON (field1, field2) field1, field2, field3 FROM table1

I see you can set a query as $query->distinct(TRUE) but that just seems to add the word DISTINCT, which if I understand it, just makes sure that all columns combined are unique.

Is this possible to pass those DISTINCT ONs to a funciton or should I rewrite my query to do it some other way?


Db query

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The database api doesn't support all syntaxes since they aren't available in all databases, however if you don't need to build the query dynamically consider using db_query() instead of db->select. If you use db_query you can use whatever postgres syntax you need.


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I like to maintain compatibility with as many databases as possible in my code. The other way of doing this, is to write a Query Extender class for DistinctOn.

You could also write database specific implementations that use MySQL's "group by" to support MySQL as well.

Db query

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Woops duplicate....deleting.

Db query

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Woops duplicate deleting.

Thanks for the advice

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I ended up doing a really hacky thing and adding the DISTINCT ON as an expression like so:

$query->addExpression('DISTINCT ON (field1, field2) field1', 'field1');

Which produces
SELECT DISTINCT ON (field1, field2) field1 as field1, field2, field3 FROM table1

But I think the QueryExtend for DistinctOn is the correct way to go about it. I'm just suprised such a thing doesn't exist already! I'll post back if I get it working.


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