Drupal Quiz sprint

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2013-12-28 10:30 - 16:30 Asia/Kolkata
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We would like to announce the Quiz sprint event planned to be conducted on this Saturday. This is an initiative from team KnackForge & follow up of sprint we had on 3rd Saturday of November 2013. The responses heard were positive though it was limited & considered only developers from KnackForge.

To brief the status of previous sprint,

We were able to update 26 issues totally. Resolved 8 Issues. 2 Issues still needs feedback & action from maintainers end.

Participants list,

  • Ganesan (submitted 2 patches & reviewed 1)
  • Selvam (submitted 3 patches)
  • Sabareesh (Reviewed & submitted 1 patch)
  • Karal (Reviewed 1 patch)
  • Sudharson (Reviewed 1 patch)
  • Narendran
  • Sivaji

(If you are interested in d.o profile page of above developers, check out https://drupal.org/marketplace/knackforge).

For the coming sprint the agenda is essentially QA & Testing of Quiz for 8.x. While the porting of 8.x was recently completed (thanks to Saranraj for his effort) however to make it ready for community to leverage more intense testing and feedback is essential. We would like to invite more developers to participate in this sprint. We shall meet virutally in IRC #drupal-quiz during the sprint.

Note: The initial release will be straight port of feature in quiz 7.x to 8.x. We are aware it needs rewrite to address the growing needs of eLearning sites & to make the best use of paradigms in D8. But to make it happen we need support from community :) Check out reference links below for the same.


Looking forward to more sprints.


Update: Sprint date has been

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Update: Sprint date has been changed to 2013-12-28 (4th Saturday) due to POWER SHUTDOWN (http://tneb.tnebnet.org/cpro/today.html). This is considering the signups & effectiveness of sprint.

I have started working on

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I have started working on sprint. Those who have signed-up & willing to participate, please be available in #drupal-quiz IRC channel.

Hi, It seems following

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It seems following members are available now,

  • Saranraj
  • Leopathu
  • Ganesan
  • Kumaravel

Essentially we will be testing quiz 8.x. Saranraj to fix bugs if anything noted. Others will be testing & reporting bugs. Will share the use case / features to test.

  • Before this I have some changes in my local repository that I need to merge with d.o branch in 8.x
  • change branch name to 8.x-4.x (currently it is 8.x-1.x)
  • make a dev release so that issues can be reported against this version

In the meantime I would like you get Drupal 8.x installed in your local. Also have the quiz repository cloned from https://drupal.org/node/26481/git-instructions/8.x-1.x


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