Drupal414: How to collaborate on Drupal.org and write Drupal 7 modules (the basics)!

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2014-01-23 18:00 - 20:00 America/Chicago
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User group meeting

The real power of Drupal comes from the thousands of contrib modules on Drupal.org. However, what happens when a contrib module has a bug or is missing a feature that you need?

At this meetup David Snopek will cover the basics of collaboration on Drupal.org (for everyone) and getting started writing Drupal 7 contrib modules (for coders and the coder-curious).

This will include:

  • An overview of how the community collaborates on Drupal.org
  • How to apply patches you find on Drupal.org (which may fix your problems)
  • How to get your fixes included in a module on Drupal.org
  • The basics of using Git
  • The basics of writing a module for Drupal 7 and where/how to learn more!
  • Some suggestions for tools to edit code, apply patches and run a Drupal development environment

While all of this information is important to learn anyway if you intend to use Drupal over the long-term - it will also help you get ready for the Drupal sprint we're hosting on Sunday, January 26th at Bucketworks.

This is going to be a super awesome event - I encourage you to consider coming to the sprint! You can read more about it and RSVP here:


The best food at a Meetup!

As always, Steve will bring some amazing home cookin'! We might not be the biggest Meetup, but we have the best food!

Bring your problems & successes:

Are you working on a Drupal site and hit a problem? Bring it to the meetup and we'll try to help you solve it!

Did you just create something awesome with Drupal? Or learn something cool? Show it off during a 5 minute lightning talk.


The slides for my presentation in advance

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Hi Everyone!

I'm going to share my slides in advance because there will be the opportunity to follow along in later sections and all the links are in there:


But be warned that it may continue to change a bit before tonight, though. :-)

If you want to follow along, please bring your laptop with you.

See ya later!