Blocks in Bootstrap Modals

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As a sub-module of the Twitter Bootstrap Modal module just published Twitter Bootstrap Modal Block, that convert any block in a button to trigger the block a Bootstrap modal.

Just need to add block id or any jQuery selector into a list triggers and module does the rest.


Can anyone give an example how to do this.

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Can anyone give an example how to do this. I really need this function but do not know how to implement it. If anyone kindly would tell me I would be most thankful

Johan from Sweden

Just install the module

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  1. Install Twitter Bootstrap Modal
  2. Enable the TBM block module
  3. On the trigger field set the ID of the block with a preceding #.

Yepp tried that!

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And i get some layover but no block showing. Could you put out the code to use as an example, might be Im just not smart enough :)