The Green by 2014 Initiative wrap up discussion

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I had a lofty goal: to get us down to zero test failures on the daily run of Accessibility module against Drupal 8 core.

I knew in my heart that this was an extremely unlikely goal to reach. We faced many obstacles including:

  • A broken TestSwarm module for Drupal 8 that prevented our daily test from running.
  • A inadequately documented set up process for the Accessibility module, the TestSwarm module and the Quail library.
  • A well curated list of issues to work on.

I had hoped we would address these issues early on in the initiative. Because these blocking issues will keep us from making any progress, initiative or not.

Alas, participation in initiative in terms of development was low. There was some, but not enough to get us past the initial set of hurdles. I, personally, was not able to put in as much time as I would have liked.

So what do we do now? Well, we certainly can't cease our efforts to make Drupal more accessible. Indeed, much work to this end has been undertaken and committed to Core in the past two months.

But we must acknowledge that without an automated testing framework, we don't know how far we are from being conformant to guidelines. And we don't know when we introduce regressions to previously supported interactions. In short, we must continue to press ahead in the development of an automated accessibility tool.

Now, I was not completely idle or absent from this effort in the past two months. We (including Kevin Miller, the Quail developers and some outside organizations) are launching a project to improve the Quail library over the next 6 months. It has backing and momentum. I'll be posting an announcement to this group in the next couple days.

With each of these projects, I hope to continue to make it easier to contribute code. That means improving the build and setup tools and improving documentation. I want content experts to feel empowered to improve tests rather than spend time debugging the framework (although that type of involvement is also needed).

So, one ambitious initiative failed and over. Another ambitious initiative on the horizon. We must keep trying because the internet is not going to become more accessible unless we make it easy to build accessible tools and that means making Drupal and our testing tools better.


A Lofty Goal

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Jesse, you may not have achieved the level of accessibility expectations, but a great deal of work has been done. I congratulate you on your efforts, and encourage you to push forward. Your commitment and leadership is appreciated. I would like to become more involved with the Drupal accessibility testing and remediation effort, but have found the Drupal infrastructure very difficult to engage, as a screen reader user. For example, the captcha in this forum is a barrier that discourages participation.

I share your frustration with

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I share your frustration with the infrastructure. But it is ours to improve and my list of wishes is not short!

Do you know of a good method to thwart spam, such as captcha attempts to do, but not make the process impassible for humans? What I mean is, have you ever encountered a spam-like system that you found easy to use?


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The audio captcha on this Forum seems not to work, but in any case, most sites that use Captcha have such poor audio quality, that they are impossible to use. Some sites, like ( have taken the time to produce good quality audio Captchas. I do not know what other method can be used, other than User sign-in and security question.

Re: captcha

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Dave, is the captcha only the very first time users register an account, or are there other places where the captcha poses a barrier in this forum? If we get a little more info, maybe we could file a ticket in the right place to report this problem and propose specific improvements. The suggestion to get higher-quality audio clips is something that could really be turned into action if that would make a difference.

Jesse, thanks for sharing this update and for all your passion on this!


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First, everytime I want to post a reply comment in this Forum I have to respond to a Captcha code. This is more of a nuicence.
Secondly, and more importantly, the audio Captcha does not work. That is, when I select the audio Captcha I get no sound at all, so I cannot comment on the audio quality. Blind users wanting to post to this Forum have to get sighted assistance to complete the process.

Now that's bizarre, I never

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Now that's bizarre, I never get a captcha challenge when responding. For instance, I'm writing this comment now and there's no captcha on the page.

I wonder why you're getting challenged. We need to ask a d.o. admin what's triggering the captcha on your comments.

Dave, I spoke with tvn and

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Dave, I spoke with tvn and requested that your account be given a role to bypass the captcha checking. So you shouldn't encounter that challenge any more.


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  1. Above the "h1" Header I get the message:
    "Logged in as Dave Best
    Log out"
  2. Under your message I click on "Reply". The screen refreshes, and I enter the Subject and the Message, and then click on "Save" button.
  3. The screen refreshes, and I get a message to complete the process I need to enter the Captcha letters, and then click on "Save" button.
  4. Why do some users have to enter a Captcha? gets a lot

jessebeach's picture gets a lot of spam. Some accounts are flagged as needed extra verification. I'm told that your account should not longer have this restriction. If the captchas don't disappear in 24 hours, I'll talk to tvn again.


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Thanks! That seems to have worked. My last post did not request the Captcha. However, anyone that gets it will probably just skip the post, as I have done many times.

Small victories. I'm at least

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Small victories. I'm at least relieved that you are no longer impeded. It's great to have you working with us!

At some point this role was

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At some point this role was granted automatically once people had taken a few actions on the site to prove they were not spammers. I'm not sure if that job is still running (I stopped being responsible for it a couple years ago).

There's also work under-way by the mollom team to specifically review and address the kinds of spam/ham that g.d.o gets (which is apparently harder than many other sites). That is discussed in and is still in the "code being developed" stage.

CAPTCHA Alternatives

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I'd personally recommend going with rather than a caption.

It might also be time to build the Botsmasher for Drupal:

This site does use the

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This site does use the honeypot module in addition to Mollom.

How about the way Drupal

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How about the way Drupal Answers thwarts spam is with reputation? Such a thing could be done with and

Stack Overflow & Gamification

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There's lots to be learned about how to integrate these types of access rewards into a system. I've been trying to promote a group to talk about how to do this in general, but specifically with, etc:


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