Global sprint weekend in Twin Cities?

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Is anybody thinking of hosting a global sprint weekend event Jan. 25 and 26? I'd be interested in getting together with others do some fun core contribution!

The sprint page lists details forthcoming for Minneapolis, but I don't remember seeing anything about this, so I thought I'd ask.


Global Sprint Weekend

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Thanks for asking... I've been meaning to post an update all week.

Barry and I had been talking with some folks about planning a local unconference in conjunction with the Global Sprint Weekend. Due to an inability to lock down our preferred venue for that weekend, we put the idea on hold.

In the meantime, I've had discussions with a number of people confirming their interest in holding a Sprint that weekend. We just need a venue that can accommodate 20-30 people??? (20-30 is my wild guess of what we might get to show up for a sprint if we start publicizing immediately). Does anyone think we might get more?

Again the dates are the 25th or 26th of January (just over two weeks away).

Also, to help us gauge interest - who all is interested in participating in a Sprint on Global Sprint Weekend?

Tim Erickson


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I'm in for the 26th, but booked on Saturday already.

I too would like to

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I too would like to participate. So count this as a +1 from me.

I'm also willing to help facilitate as needed, though really will be of no help finding a venue. With that in mind. I would be pretty surprised if we had more then 20-30 people show and stay the whole day on such short notice.

Count me in. If all else

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Count me in.

If all else fails, we could easily fit 20-30 people at our place for free. I'd need to know soon so I can make the reservation... but it would probably be preferable to be in an office rather than my workspace. Still, if nothing else, this would work.

Me too

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I'm in for almost the whole weekend. I'm also willing to help out as needed.


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We have six folks that have expressed interest in this topic. I've spoken to at least 3-4 others that are very interested.

We have a couple of venue options. Hope to have something nailed down by the end of today.

Is anyone else interested?

Tim Erickson

I'll be there

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Looking forward to it. If it runs two days, I'll likely pick just one. I think either works equally well for me but I'm leaning Saturday.

Barry Madore
Advantage Labs, Inc.
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

I should be able to do both days

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I'd be thrilled if we had 20-30 people, but I'd bet on a dozen.

I'm definitely interested and

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I'm definitely interested and should have some free time that weekend.

Depending on weather and snow conditions, I may need to spend the morning skijoring off our huskies' extra energy, but afternoons should be clear.

Venue for Global Sprint Weekend

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It appears that the Nerdery is willing and able to host Global Sprint Weekend on Sunday, January 26th. We are waiting for a final confirmation, but Chris Weber is quite sure that we are good.

There are still quite a few details that need to be worked out, we'll keep folks updated here.

The main goals for the day will be get as many people as possible making contributions to Drupal Core. This will be an opportunity for individuals of all skills levels (anyone that has installed Drupal and knows basic site building) to participate. This will be a great chance for those who attended beginner sprints in the past, to use their skills.

We have identified some local mentors with experience contributing to Drupal Core that will work with individuals and/or small groups. We are also planning a couple of informal discussions/demonstrations on topics such as:

  • Contributing to Drupal Documentation
  • Writing a simple "Read Me" patch
  • Applying and re-rolling a patch
  • etc....

If you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, please chime in.

Tim Erickson

Planning lunch for Global Sprint Weekend

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Looks like we have the Nerdery locked down for the day on Sunday, January 26th. (Thanks Chris Weber).

Looking for feedback on a few issues?

1) I suggested to Chris Weber that we go from 9:00am - 4:00pm. I'm not sure if there is any flexibility on these hours. Do they make sense? Anyone think we should try and go longer?

2) How should we handle lunch?

A) Order pizza and ask participants for donation to cover expense?
B) Place a group order for Pizza (or something else) and ask people to pay for what they order?
C) Tell people to bring their own lunch?
D) Seek a sponsor willing to pay for lunch for 20-30 people (will collect RSVP's to get a better idea)
E) Other....

3) We're planning on offering some very informal discussions/demonstrations on topics like "How to re-roll a patch?," "How to write a patch," "Contributing to Drupal Documentation," and "Navigating the Issues Queue." Does anyone else have any other ideas for things we should do at the SPRINT.

(NOTE: These ideas are based upon projections of up to 30 participants and with the hope that providing some additional help might help us reach 30 participants).

Tim Erickson


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I have a church event on Sunday that is going to go until mid-to-late afternoon. Are there any options for having a sprint on Saturday too? Would love to be able to come.

I'm not able to help with the

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I'm not able to help with the space issue, but would potentially be interested in doing something on Saturday as well.

I think one that might help with the sprint would be to try and identify a short list of tickets or tasks that we would like to try and work on. Or even to identify a particular topical area (CMI for example) to provide a little extra focus. I know how easy it can be to show up for an event like this and not having a plan end up spending the entire day trying to figure out what to work on. So anything we can do to help ease that would be good.

I know I for one would be interested in working on documentation tasks and am always good for a code review for anyone working on code tasks. :)

I like the idea of having

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I like the idea of having something on Saturday as well. I think that we could host a smaller group of people at TEN7 on Saturday if there is interest. We have the space, the power and the WiFi and it wouldn't cost anything. What do you all think?

Sounds good to me

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Is parking free on the nearby streets on the weekend?

Parking is typically not free

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Parking is typically not free on the weekends but it is cheaper -- 25c/hr. Additionally, we have 12 parking spots in the back of our building dedicated to TEN7 that would be free, and depending on how many folk from TEN7 show up, I would say that 8-10 of those would be available.

Change notices

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I think one thing that would be good to work on during the sprints are change notices.

Drafting change notices is mostly a matter of reading an issue and summarizing the important impacts based on the patch, which has already been committed. Sometimes it helps to understand the underlying systems, but that's not always needed. Writing change notices is a good way to learn about things that are changing in Drupal 8 too.

There are about 50 change notices that are needed right now, and that need is a blocker for releasing a beta version of Drupal 8. We could have a significant impact if we all tried to do at least one change notice during the sprint. Doing so in the company of others is good too, because it's easy to ask somebody else about an issue if you need a little assistance.

Anyhow, here's a how-to on change notices:

And here's the issue queue for change notifications:[]=1&status[]=13&status[]=8&status[]=14&issue_tags=Needs+change+notification

Wednesday, January 15 is Drupal's birthday, so I plan to write at least once change notice to help celebrate. Feel free to join in tomorrow (or contribute in some other way)!

Polar vortex

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Just because our winter couldn't get any better, they're starting to predict another polar vortex for... wait for it... January 25-26. So dress warm!!!

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