Meetup: Capital District Nosh & Connect - Drupal Turns 13!

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2014-01-14 17:30 - 20:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Where: Zone 5, Downtown Albany (See their website for directions & information
When:Tuesday, January 14th, 5:30-8pm
What: Let's talk Drupal - and celebrate 13 years!

Please RSVP through the sign-up button below. We'd like to let Zone 5 know how many people to expect.

Proposed Agenda (Suggestions welcome in comments):

  • 5:30 pm: Cake, pizza and chat
  • 6pm:
    Lightning Rounds - In 5 minutes share one of your mini-recipes for Drupal success (please share what topic(s) you'll talk about in the comments below)
    15 minute topics - if you'd rather give a lengthier talk on a topic of awesome, propose it down below, we'll slot for one or two of these
  • 7pm: Maybe start this off with sharing problems we're having - possibly on a white board or piece of paper, we could have a larger group discussion and/or break into smaller groups to discuss.

A huge thank you to Zone 5 for hosting!

Looking forward to starting off the new year with some Drupal discussion!


I'll be there. I don't have

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I'll be there. I don't have any specific topics to talk about during a lightning round, so if there are any requests, please post them.


Lightning Round and 15-minute topics

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For Lightning, I could show a little Views Rewrite Results trick I stumbled upon to inject additional HTML into output without getting into a tpl.php file. Used it for inserting some font-awesome icons. Probably only take 1 minute, but it's pretty useful.

For a 15-minute topic, if anyone is good with the Media module or has had reliable success with uploading/managing images, I'd love to hear about it. Notice that I'm not offering to talk about it, since it's been driving me nuts lately and I really don't understand what's going on with it; it may just be my messy installation. It seems like it should be easy, but for some reason, I've turned it into a problem with one of my sites.

For 7pm, I would really like to learn more about hooks or overriding templates, pre-processing, if there's a quick entree to that. Maybe it's too big a topic. I do have an example of an output variable on a page that I'd like to override, but I don't know how to get at it.

Second Tuesday of the month is always bad

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I'd love to come, but I can't make the meetings if they are on the second Tuesday of the month as my wife has a standing meeting that day. Can we move next months?

Sorry I'll miss you guys again.

Count me in

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But no idea what I'll talk about.

views slideshow and arrows

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I think I will talk (lightening) about repurposing views slideshow controls into arrows... Or maybe more generally the default CSS I seem to revisit when implementing Views Slideshow

Lightning Round link

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My drupal developer checklist link is:

The inspiration for it came from

Thanks to all!

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Many thanks to everyone who joined us last night - a very big thank you to Zone 5 for the great space, wine and pizza.

It seems we might be ready for some more in-depth presentations and discussions, possibly including some hands-on elements. I believe next meeting will be geared toward drush and/or git. I think we might have a presenter or two lined up, but please contact me if you'd like to present/share in some manner.

Also - we are going to aim for a Tuesday later in the month of February - so we'd better see you Eric :-) )

More details to come, but please feel free to contact me. And check out Tom's Drupal developer checklist on github (link above) and submit suggestions.

Thank you - and Happy 13th Birthday Drupal!