Post-Training Happy Hour @ The Blue Nile

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2014-01-16 05:30 America/Chicago
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After the Enjoy Drupal: Site Building Basics class, we're heading over to Franklin for the Blue Nile happy hour (, where I will be buying a round of drinks for all sponsors and volunteers. Would you like a free drink too? It's not too late to sign up as a volunteer mentor:

Drupal = free as in beer that you have to work for. AMIRITE?

Take this as an opportunity to hang out and talk about Drupal like always, but potentially with a bunch of people who just had their minds blown. We might get a couple, or a couple dozen. Come join the party!


cannot attend

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I have to apologize and send my regrets - the heater fan went out on my car tuesday night and of course, things get busy and they are still working on my car - won't have it until later this morning and with the blowing snow - do not want to get myself into a jam driving from Monticello into the city. I humbly apologize -- it is in these moments we find out how little control we have over our daily lives.

No problem at all; thanks

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No problem at all; thanks anyway!

David Needham
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