TC Drupal Quarterly Coordinating Committee - Winter 2014

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2014-02-06 17:00 - 17:45 America/Chicago

In November we decided to hold a quarterly coordinating committee meeting (until we come up with a better name). With that schedule in mind, we're due for a meeting in February prior to the Happy Hour. NOTE: We're trying to schedule this early enough that it does NOT take over the scheduled Happy Hour.

TC Drupal Coordinating Committee Meeting
February 6th, 2014
5:00 - 5:45pm (Immediately preceding Happy Hour)
Blue Nile
2027 E Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 338-3000

Proposed agenda:

Anyone interested in helping schedule and coordinate the various TCDrupal events is welcome to attend. Anyone that shows up - is a member of the committee, for what thats worth. Bring your ideas and comments.

We will try and start on time 5:00 PM, to get through our business by 5:45ish.

Proposed agenda:

If you would like something on the agenda, please add it yourself.
The day of the meeting, we'll try and look over the agenda and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the meeting goes smoothly.



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A quick report on the results of last weeks TC Drupal Coordinating Committee:

1) TC Drupal Midwinter Open House (Trying this title out)
We are proceeding with a single day Drupal unconference on March 1st, at Intermedia Arts. Drupal Camp agree to sponsor the "Open House" expenses above and beyond any revenue generated. We'll ask participants for a suggested donation of $5 each to help cover the cost of food. More details will follow in the days to come.

2) A decision was agreed to use the Drupal Camp mailing list for regular updates on various upcoming TC Drupal events. Expectation is that we will send no more than 1 email per month, as needed. Tim Erickson agreed to manage this.

3) David Needham reported on successful Drupal Training in January.
There was some discussion about future Drupal Trainings. David suggested that Enjoy Creativity was interested in a possible spring date, but nothing specific has been set at this time.

4) Quarterly SPRINT - We have set a goal of organizing a quarterly sprint. TEN7 agreed to host us again in April. We've tentatively set APRIL 19th, as the date for our next all-day sprint. If you missed out on the fun in January, be sure to put this date on your calendar.

5) Forming a Non-Profit - There was some discussion about the benefits of better organizing ourselves as a community. One of the difficulties in coming to a decision has been the lack of a specific proposal. We agreed to encourage those interested in this topic to get together and put together a more formal proposal. The key concern of some folks is about whether or not we are taking on full responsibility for our finances - as opposed to taking advantage of Drupal Association services. Hopefully, this committee can form a proposal that addresses this key question.

6) A quick summary of Drupal Camp decisions:

A) We set the dates for Drupal Camp as August 7-10
B) We reconfirmed earlier discussions that we'll go back to St. Thomas
C) We are going to try and do more of the work in committees this year and avoid using Happy Hour as the primary time for planning. Keri will continue to serve as chair person and work with committee heads to coordinate overall planning.
D) We are looking at options for better communicating with the local community about Drupal Camp planning and providing plenty of opportunities for participation and input.

These notes are written mostly from memory. If I have forgotten anything or misrepresented the discussion in any way, PLEASE correct me!!!!

Tim Erickson

Twin Cities

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