Locked out

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I am really trying to follow docs, namely the email sent to me, with the result that I got locked out.
I tried to add modules to an enabled platform (Commerce) and typed in filezilla the provided password after some failures I got email that I was locked out.
Cannot even ssh or launch vncviewer to see what is going on in my own server. So what are next steps?
I will ask lots of beginner questions here as I get my head around all this.
Before somebody tells me RTFM, I am doing precisely that.


Renew your IP

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This happens because of csf firewall that comes packaged with BOA. Either wait for half an hour or renew your IP and log back in. Additionally you can issue the following command depending on your server accessibility from web dashboard -

csf -a

This will unlock your access. Please use root a/c to reset your o1.ftp password since it seems to be wrong -

1) Login via root
2) passwd o1.ftp

Actually I waited the whole

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Actually I waited the whole night and still locked out.
I don't understand what "server accessibility from web dashboard" means.
I cannot access octopus via browser, I can however issue some commands as root in vncviewer, already changed o1.ftp password successfully.
Command csf -a throws error:
[] is not a valid IP/CIDR
I know what the IP is for octopus, problem is that this VPS has 4 IP addresses I can use and vncviewer is a console for all 4.
Will wait until my support comes up and attempt to ssh as root into that IP, which I have been unable to do so far.
Renew my IP in this context is something that I will have to check with them.
In the meantime, any suggestions are welcome

I am on Debian, I don't have

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I am on Debian, I don't have an option to renew IP address.
ifconfig detects eth0 with my IP, only option is "up".
So "ifconfig eth0 up" just returns me to the prompt, no way to make it verbose, it will return error.

Hello, If you are in the

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If you are in the server you could check /etc/csf/csf.deny
for your IP that you are connecting from.

Here is more info on the firewall that comes with boa



SUCCESS! Commented out

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SUCCESS! Commented out offending line, rebooted VM, cleared browser cache (maybe not necessary), and back in the world of Aegir.