D6 Calendar – Event Times Wrong!!

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I have a client who is still running a D6 site and somehow all of their event times are off by 6 hours. They were fine yesterday.

I checked the time zone setting under site configuration and it's correct.

I believe it has to do with the Calendar Views and the Date and Time (field_event_date) - From date.

I added a new event and it's working fine with the correct time.

However, all the events already created are still wrong.

I'm wondering if any of you would know how to override of fix all the times universally.


Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!



some questions

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what modules and versions are you using?
have you checked your view modes? your equipment?
And, did you really post this at 6:05pm today when I am currently posting at 2:06 pm?

sorry, times are correct for this post now

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I saw that the posting times were skewed here on the groups - went in and changed my own profile to America/Chicago & that fixed it ==
it was set at UTC and obviously, something did not work because I am in Minneapolis?

Override All Event Times?

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Hi Mary-ann, thanks for the quick response.

That's just it, the sites modules haven't been updated in a long time.

The site time zone is set correctly to Chicago and the Event content type is set to:
Time zone handling: Site's Time Zone. So, it looks correct to me.

Could be Views, but I'm not that familiar with D6 views and I don't think they would have changed them.

I fear that one of the admin users switched the time zone that caused all the event times to go back 6 hours.

What I'm wonder is there anyway to reverse all the times back to normal or ahead 6 hours without having to go into each event node and manually update the times?!?!?

Since they have 9 pages of events this would be a lot of work for them.

Any ideas?

I come from more of the UID side, so I get lost in how Drupal works.

Thanks again!


It's possible that there was

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It's possible that there was some timezone screwiness going on there. If you're pretty sure that it's fixed now and there are still wrong times showing up, then it may not be possible to fix via the UI.

If you had to, you could write a database query that makes the change for you. Though it might be the best use of time to give the inglorious task of editing each one to an intern.

David Needham
Agency & Community Training Manager at Pantheon