Google Summer of Code 2014 - Announcement and Application

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Major announcement! The 10th annual Google Summer of Code application period kicked off Monday, February 3rd (GSoC 2014 announcement from Google[1]).

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)[2] - an annual contest for university students organized by Google with projects managed by open source organization mentors such as us (Drupal!). Are you or any colleagues available to be a mentor and/or provide a project idea? Please share project ideas even if you're not available to be a mentor. Did you know each accepted organization sends two of the top mentors to Mountain View, California on an all expense paid trip to visit GooglePlex for the "Mentor Summit"? This year will be special as it is the GSoC 10 Year Reunion Mentor Summit[3] inviting all alumni.

Current need is adding project ideas into the 2014 GSoC Drupal Idea Wiki[4] to finalize Drupal's GSoC 2014 Application[5]. The 2014 deadline to submit project ideas to our core Drupal/GSoC group for review is Wednesday, February 12th at 23:00 UTC. Deadline's only requirement is an organized idea documented in wiki. Our goal is to submit an application with at least 30 quality ideas. If Drupal is accepted, another timeline will be setup to define the project scope (see 2014 GSoC schedule[6] for details).

Links about GSoC:


  • Mon Feb 03 - Application period starts
  • Fri Feb 14 - Application period ends
  • Mon Feb 24 - Accepted organizations announced
  • Mon Mar 10 - Student application period opens
  • Mon Apr 21 - Accepted student proposals announced
  • Mon May 19 - Students begin coding
  • Mon Jun 23 - Midterm
  • Mon Aug 18 - Firm 'pencils down' date
  • Mon Oct 25-26 - Mentor Summit at Google

(view full GSoC 2014 schedule)

How can I help? Create Project Ideas!

  • Anyone with a account is allowed to add ideas (student, mentor, outsider, whoever)
  • Submit project ideas @ Drupal's GSoC 2014 Idea Wiki
  • Help add at least 30 project ideas
  • The goal is focusing on Drupal 8 and as of today, many popular modules have not started ports to Drupal 8 (login_destination, flag, seo_checklist, faq, securepages, boost, getid3(), linkchecker, mailchimp, xmlsitemap, menu_block, lightbox2, poormanscron, node_clone, diff, site_verify)
  • Example project idea: Port Quiz Module into Drupal 8
  • Projects from previous Drupal GSoC: 2012[9], 2011[10], 2010[11], 2009[12], 2008[13], 2007[14], 2006[15], 2005[16]
  • Example of KDE whom is accepted into GSoC yearly @ and

Feel free to contact myself, Slashrsm[17], Varunity[18] directly or create nodes in g.d.o/google-summer-code for additional information.


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[2] "Google Summer of Code (GSoC) @Melange"

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[17] "Contact GSoC Drupal Admin Slashsrm"

[18] "Contact GSoC Drupal Admin Varunity"


new video w/ tips for org applications posted

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Hi all,

We've just posted another video on Google Summer of Code. This one is a FAQ for open source projects who are considering applying before the 2014/02/14 deadline.
Google Summer of Code: Organization Applications
We hope it's useful!


Cat Allman

Open Source Programs Office

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We want to support the

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We want to support the project and will help out with two mentors. We therefore added two projects to the wiki (Fluxpocket, Paragraphs). In addition we think about supporting to finish the leaflet port to D8 but that might be some task to coordinate with the current module maintainer.

GSoC 2014 Application Submitted

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Drupal's application to Google's Summer of Code 2014 was successfully submitted a few hours ago. Now we wait until February 24th when accepted organizations are announced. Thanks for all the support putting together this application.

Drupal accepted into GSoC 2014!

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Please to announce that Drupal has been accepted into Google's Summer of Code 2014. More information shortly, but I wanted to share the news ASAP! Thanks to everyone who helped with the application, volunteering to be mentors, and/or providing project ideas.

List of all 190 open source organizations accepted @

Yay! Congratulations!

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Yay! Congratulations!

Janez Urevc - software engineer @ - @slashrsm -