DrupalCamp Donetsk 2014

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2014-04-25 09:00 - 2014-04-27 20:00 Europe/Kiev
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

On April 25 - 27, join us for the second DrupalCamp Donetsk (Ukraine)!

The event will include two days of sessions and BoFs (in English and Russian), trivia night, Drupal Party, and full day code sprint. It is a great opportunity to meet East European Drupal community.

Come and share your Drupal knowledge and ideas, sessions in English are welcome. And if all the sprints during Dev Days Szeged just weren't enough, you can work on Drupal 8 some more at our Sunday code sprint!

Registrations are already open: http://camp2014.drupal.dn.ua/en/conference/tickets

Call for content will open in the next few days.

If you'd like to sponsor the event, please check proposal for sponsors.

Learn more at http://camp2014.drupal.dn.ua/en. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news.


Good luck, guys, with the

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Good luck, guys, with the Camp! I believe it will be extremely interesting.


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Good luck everybody !