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Hi all,

I've seen this in many places now, and I apologize if my posting is insensitive or redundant.

I've used the Wysiwyg module for a few years, and really love it. However, it seems that for the last year, it hasn't been as clear/easy as it initially was.

The main problem seems to be the updates to the 3rd party editors; they are rarely compatible with Wysiwyg, but the Wysiwyg Module instructs the user to download & install them regardless.

I imagine a good (and easy) fix for this would be to change the text in the configuration page, to list only the latest version of the editor tested. I.E.:

"CKEditor download

NOTE: Wysiwyg has been tested and is known to work with version Use newer versions at your own risk; they may require patches and updates to the Wysiwyg module.

Extract the archive and copy its contents into a new folder in the following location:

So the actual library can be found at:

Do NOT download the "CKEditor for Drupal" edition."

I know that it probably doesn't seem like a big deal to most of us--or probably anyone in this group, I expect you're all fairly talented--but imagine the user experience for a new Drupal user who has just installed the module and faithfully followed the on-screen instructions. I know it is frustrating, even if you know what you are doing, that there are so many possibilities to get it wrong; if CKEditor fails and you try the next 2 or 3 in a row, they will also fail. At this point, a new or inexperienced user is probably going to post an angry flame on the support page.

If everyone likes the idea, I'd be happy to update the language in the module, with the latest confirmed working versions of each editor.

Is that an acceptable change? Again, my apologies for any insult. I know that the developers have done a lot of work on Wysiwyg, and I hope this doesn't sound ungrateful to the great boon they've shared. I'd just like to help with what seems like a simple fix to make Drupal infinitely more welcoming & easy to use!


I agree with Streever. I'm

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I agree with Streever. I'm trying to adapt to CKeditor / wysiwyg config, but gets quite confused.

This is how wysiwyg shows:

There are no library editor installed currently. The following list contains a list of supported editors currently:
CKEditor (Download) Not installed.
The version of CKEditor could not be found.
Unpack the archive and copy its contents to a new folder in the following location:
sites / all / libraries / ckeditor

So that the current library can be found at:
sites / all / libraries / ckeditor / ckeditor.js

DO NOT charge the variant "CKEditor for Drupal."

Thanks / Tomas


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