Cartaro Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2014

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Support geospatial raster data in Cartaro

Right now Cartaro only supports geospatial vector data stored inside a PostGIS database. This project will add support for geospatial raster data by implementing a user interface to add, update and delete raster data. GeoServer will be used to publish any raster data as WMS layers.

More information and discussion:

Mentor name: Nico Mandery (, Friedjoff Trautwein (

Required skills: Java, GeoServer, PHP, Drupal

GeoServer layer configuration

The configuration of GeoServer layers is flexible and powerful, but not very intuitive and well integrated into Drupal. By using the user interface of the Views module as a configuration mask, the GeoServer layer configuration could be simplified for the user and better integrated into Drupal. This project will require some research on how to provide the layer configuration to GeoServer.

More information and discussion:

Mentor name: Nico Mandery, Friedjoff Trautwein (

Required skills: Java, PHP, GeoServer, Drupal, Views module

PostGIS support for the Views module

Right now Cartaro already provides support for simple spatial queries using the Views module. But the configuration options are still limited and need to be extended. The plugin system of the Views module makes it possible to create potentially complex queries for nodes based on any combination of the fields in a content type. The available fields should of course include geometry fields allowing for spatial operations like intersects or contains. Besides adding Views support to the PostGIS module which mainly requires PHP and SQL knowledge, this project will also require some JavaScript skills to use OpenLayers as a display and filter interface.

|More information and discussion:

Mentor name: Friedjoff Trautwein, Nico Mandery

Required skills: PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Drupal, PostGIS, OpenLayers, Views module

Rewrite OpenLayers Editor for OpenLayers 3

OpenLayers Editor provides a set of controls for extended editing of spatial data inside Cartaro. With OpenLayers 3 approaching a stable release, OpenLayers Editor needs to be rewritten to work with OpenLayers 3. Also functionality that is currently implemented on the server-side could be implemented in client-side JavaScript, like geospatial data processing and importing different data formats. Find more information about OpenLayers Editor on GitHub:

Mentor name: Mario Härtwig, Friedjoff Trautwein

Required skills: JavaScript, OpenLayers


how can we discuss with each other

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Do you have any mailing list that I can subscribe? I am the student who is very interested in your summer project of Rewrite OpenLayers Editor for OpenLayers 3 so I am wondering which method is the best to communicate with your group.
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Additional information

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We are looking forward to see discussions and give feedback on these proposals. Please add your technical questions and comments to the issue queues mentioned on this page. For all other questions you may contact the mentors directly at