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I am creating an academic website with RDF mappings for the content. I am using Drupal 7, RDF 7.x-2.0-alpha4 and Biblio 7.x-1.0-rc5. I have couple of questions.

1) In the RDF UI Mappings for the content types from biblio module, there is no facility to map the fields already present in the content type. RDF Mappings only show up for the newly created fields. Is there a way to do this for existing fields of biblio content types?

2) For a publication, there would be multiple authors. In biblio module, we can only put in string names in the text box of authors field. But I want to map it the author name to a URI. For example, "John" authorOf "PaperX". Now, I want to map "John" to a URI such as "com.example/person#John". I think this is not possible through RDF UI. How can this be done? Should I use RDF Mapping API along with hooks?

I am new to Drupal. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.


If you want to take a

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If you want to take a different approach that would resolve the two issues you raised above, I would suggest you to take a look at the OSF for Drupal module. The setup of your portal will probably be more work, but you will endup with much more possibilities.

What you would need is to load the appropriate ontologies into the system (like the Bibliographic Ontology) and then to map/create all the fields you want to for the content types you want to use in your portal. Then, your creator field, as specified in your ontology will reference authors records instead of outputting a text field, etc.

Scan the user manual to see all the possibilities you could endup with using OSF and this OSF for Drupal module.

Hi mvrweb, Both of these

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Hi mvrweb,

Both of these requirements cannot be achieved with biblio and rdfx out of the box because biblio doesn't use proper fields (like the ones you can create with the Field UI). Therefore rdfx doesn't see those custom biblio fields. This evolution is something the biblio maintainer agrees with, and it has been discussed for a few years but it's not available yet. Similarly to your request, I filed a request to Move biblio keywords to a taxonomy term reference field but that's pending on the migration to proper fields.

Another alternative for it to be supported in rdfx would be if biblio exposed its custom fields to the Entity API which is supported in rdfx, but that's not available in biblio either.

Depending on which RDF format you need in your project, you could consider generating this RDF with custom code. If you need RDFa, you will need to override the biblio HTML output. If you want any other serialization (RDF/XML, Turtle) or SPARQL, you can implement hook_rdf_model_alter() which is part of the latest rdfx dev build.

Thank you

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Thank you for the response and suggestion. I will definitely look at OSF for Drupal and try it.

Thank you for the response. The format of RDF does not matter, but I should be able to get the data dump in any RDF format. I will take a look at OSF and see whether it has better support.

Once you have a OSF instance

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Once you have a OSF instance running, and a OSF for Drupal instance configured with the data loaded into the system, you will be able to export a dataset, or any specific record, in any of the following serialization types:

  • RDF+N3
  • structXML
  • structJSON
  • irON JSON
  • irON commON

Thank you

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Yes, I need that kind of export functionality :).

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