Move a template from XHTML to do?

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Hi all, or hello world!
1)Is there a way to change this template: in a new one in html5?
2)Is possible to keep the same structure of the Urls?

The more is similar the more is good ;)


this is my first post. Dunnow if is the right discussion but...any help for the questios before? :)


Some Ideas

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Typically, you can change the html.tpl.php and update the necessary tags to become HTML5 based, such that you have an HTML5 based outlying template. The html.tpl.php maintains the core document structure: HTML, head and body tags for your website. If you want to modify the blocks and regions, you will have to update those specific *.tpl.php pages to contain the necessary HTML5 based tags (aside, header, etc). Just copy and update those necessary files in your theme folder.

You can implement additional modules as well to allow Drupal core to handle those specific HTML5 based elements. You can reference:

Move a template from XHTML to do?

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Hi thanks but I don't want that the result is an HTML document. I need an HTML5 document.

And what happen if I exchange my XHTML template with another HTML5 template? IS POSSIBLE? and how?
i mean just doing this: to my template is good or not?


An HTML5 and HTML document

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An HTML5 and HTML document are the same thing, they only vary based upon the identification of the top tag. The same concepts apply for both HTML4.x/XHTML and HTML5 with variance for new tags and slight structural differences (opening tag for HTML document definition and some others).

In reference to your first question, the CMS dictates the URLs - so they will not change. If you want to update your theme, you can make the slight adjustments to your html.tpl.php pages. Otherwise, the design/layout may change as your theme may change. It all depends on how you adjust your site.


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