Cork Drupal Meetup - February

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2014-02-26 19:30 - 21:30 UTC
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User group meeting

The next Cork Meetup is Wednesday the 26th of February in the Western Gateway building in UCC from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. This years meet-ups (for the first half anyways) are in room WGB_106 which is on the 1st floor - Straight up the central stairs on your right!

Also with this years Drupal meetups we're extending the door to other forms of web developers. We are looking for presentations/topics on web dev in general so if you've being working on anything interesting give us a shout.

Naturally If there is any Drupal specific topic you would like to discuss, post some details so we can have a think about it & any similar prob we had, feel free to come along on the night and have a chat about it.

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Hi Guys

I sent out a shout out to the guys who participated in the WebActivate program this year

I sent an email to a few of the participants that took part this year letting them know about this event & popped a post in to the old Facebook Group from 2010

I participated in 2010 and learned about CMS's such as Drupal Joomla & WordPress. The webactivate course is though using the CMS WordPress & not Drupal but I found that there was quite a lot of information that helped me on the way to learn more about the CMS systems that are out there

This year I hope to start to give back a bit more to the community in the form of presentations on Google Analytics & Google Tag manager and some on the plugins for WordPress that I have used and some Modules & how to set up a local test environment

Hopefully I will see you at the meet up on Wednesday & have something prepared to present but 2014 for me is definitely the year that I hope to give back to the Open source community


"I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious."
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Cheers Tim, I'd be happy to

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Cheers Tim,

I'd be happy to learn more about Analytics & Tag manager. I'll see you later.

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Doubled booked!

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Hi Guys

Completely Double booked myself tonight! I have my last night of teaching Laptops so won't be able to make it tonight
Will 100% be there for the 26th March & definitely at drupal camp 2014 on 16th and 17th May

I was going to give a presentation tonight on TurnKey Linux & VirtualBox
Its 90% complete just have a few points on how to install and configure ISO images on Virtual box that are missing.
I said I would share the link all the same if you want a sneak peek feel free to have a look but it would probably make more sense when I present it

I havent got around to doing up my presentation on Google Analytic / Tag manager but glad to see theres some interest in it :-)

Apologies that I couldn't make it tonight & hopefully there is a turnout from the WebActivate guys


"I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious."
--Albert Einstein