Setting Up CM Airing with Telvue

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The below screencast is the first part in a two-part series on getting your website to display tv schedules like and This first screencast shows you how to configure CM Airing with a Telvue feed for your tv schedules, and additionally how to connect those airings to shows and projects.

You should note that this also exists in the form of written documentation at:

In addition, this screencast works from an installation of CM Easy Starterkit. This particular version of the starterkit has an older version of Feeds that is not the alpha8 release, and the screencast shows you how to download the alpha8 version and work with the experimental entity processor.

Lastly, this version of the Starterkit requires that you apply a fix to the Airings view and walks you through how to apply the fix located at

You can view the screencast at:

The second part of this series will be coming soon.


Hi Emily, Thanks for this. I

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Hi Emily,

Thanks for this.

I changed up the structure a bit at by adding two children, one for Telvue and one for Tightrope. I also copied the content from the main page itself to the Telvue child. I have not yet removed the content from the main main page. My intention for this was to make it a more general landing page regarding using cm_airing for displaying schedules and allow for server-specific documentation on child pages. This would allow for anyone coming in with a particular server to get the global picture and then focus on their particular needs. Perhaps pages for Leightronix and other servers would come as necessary in the expanded use of cmdrupal.

If you have concerns about this structure, let me know, but otherwise, if you'd be willing to put this in the cm_airing pages as appropriate (main, Telvue), that would be fantastic. I think this video (and part 2!) are fantastic additions to the work done already for Telvue.


Good idea, @bagelche. I'm not

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Good idea, @bagelche. I'm not a maintainer for cm_airing but the documentation is a wiki as you know, so I went ahead and made the changes as what you propose seems like a good approach.

In addition, in the screencast I show how to manually add show and project reference fields to the airing structure; however, you can also just turn on the "Project Airings" and "Show Airings" features to get these same fields. This is the easiest/recommended approach. This is also now documented on the Telvue integration page.

It's been almost 2 months

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It's been almost 2 months since you created "part 1" showing a feature, but never sharing the code with other CMDrupal using stations.

Since this is now implemented at RETN and Brattleboro, the distribution clause of the GPL actually requires you to share these improvements, but rather than go the legal route I'm just going to ask nicely...

Before launching any more sites that build on the contributions from other stations or promoting these new improvements, PLEASE share at least the View exports with any tpl and CSS for the schedule.

Thanks for your patience, I

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Thanks for your patience, I think as most people know sometimes development gets a little delayed. I'm also excited to see that there is interest in this.

After completing part 1 of this series, we realized that just sharing the views, css, and tpl files was going to be overly complicated for some stations. So instead we are going to be releasing a module that includes all of these ready-to-go with integration of cm_airing and a customizable color interface.

We have been working on this for the past month, testing it out, and we are about 90% finished. We are currently on the last component which is just finalizing the ability to customize css.

I have not yet put up the code because I don't want to put up something that isn't complete or that has installation errors. We are currently testing this on CM Starterkit installs to ensure compatibilty. Final development is scheduled for May 5th with a deadline of May 10 (as I think you are aware, multiple ongoing projects can make scheduling a little complicated).

I hope others understand this delay is actually to make the release better and more usable by the wider community. As soon as this last piece is completed, I will be making another post as well as documentation and a module page.

Thanks again for your patience.

Also - if anyone is

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Also - if anyone is interested in beta testing the module in May please respond in a comment here. We'd really like to get some feedback from people and make sure it works in a variety of settings. Of course it will be downloadable on by anyone but I'd love to know who's interested so we can keep in touch and help ensure compatibility.

Willing to beta test

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Emily, thanks for part 1, it was very helpful. I'm interested in beta testing the publicly released module.


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I would test. I am in need of an airing solution more flexible than the Telvue iframe.

If this is ready for a beta,

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If this is ready for a beta, please commit the code and tag a release as that on or even commit it as a sandbox like @libkuman's recent MNN updates.

While I understand delays, this is a example of perfection being the enemy of progress.

Holding back code that improves and builds on code other developers contributed openly and only giving users access if they go through you is also bordering on unethical.

Share the code the same way code you leverage is shared.

Willing to test the PUBLIC beta

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I am willing to test the beta that is publicly released on DO with the expectation that the community is supportive in its testing and feedback.

@soniat and @jdcreativity -

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@soniat and @jdcreativity - it's May 10th which was our deadline for code release. Project is up, with documentation and screencast how-to at

Note that if you're running Varnish on your system there may be an issue with the css file generated by this module caching. If that does happen in your testing, please post it as an issue to the project queue and we will address it there.

Thanks for your patience and being willing to test!