Finally in Ireland

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Hello everyone,

I finally arrived in Ireland! :) For the moment I will stay in Dublin because I would like to see how things goes here.

I'm very excited, and I love this city, expecially the irish people, always there to give you a hand and to help when you need it.

Hope I will find a job quickly and that all will be ok.

Oh, and by the way, the beer it's great! :)



you welcome

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you welcome Cristinaroxan , I be honest, living here in this country almost 14 years , but never felt one day I am not belonging to this country , I love it . and suer you will love this Country and her People furthermore after a while you living for longer among them .


Welcome Cristinaroxan!

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Welcome Cristinaroxan! Unfortunately you just missed our monthly meetup last week, but hopefully we'll see you at the next one at the end of March :)

Welcome! I'm up in Belfast,

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Welcome! I'm up in Belfast, and I don't get down to Dublin often myself.

Have you signed up already for Drupal Open Days?

May 16th and 17th, 2014
Venue: The GEC (Guinness Enterprise Centre), Taylor's Lane, Dublin

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How's the job search coming along? I don't think we have a specific job event planned for that event, but don't forget your name cards, etc. I hope you're settling in well!