Real examples of sites using OA2

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I would like to see real examples of sites using OA2 besides if anybody knows about any examples please share it.

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, in my

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Unfortunately, in my experience Open Atrium is used mostly in internal sites, that are either on intranets or only allow authenticated users. :-/ At the moment I don't know any public ones, but will hopefully soon (as I help build them)!


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this is an example of how it works,

in progress

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Here is a site in progress: We have another site that is mostly log-in only.


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Hi this last one is interesting, maybe I should ask you some question about it later because I am developping my own entreprise intranet right now... Great work!


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Sure, we have an intranet/ticketing system too so please feel free to ask.

OA2 Menus

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I have created a intranet using Open Atrium 2 and having some problems with the menu structure. So far I have created 1 space with 6 sections under it. While creating documents under the section the menu option does not allow me to use the section pages as the parent. I only see the Group Menu. I would like to have a section menu that is expandible with child pages. Am I missing something in the structure.


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Please ignore I posted in the wrong place.