Join the extended Drupal 8 sprints in Austin from May 31st through June 8th!

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We have a great tradition of extended sprints around big Drupal events including the ones we did around DrupalCons in Prague, Portland, Munich, Denver, as well as Drupal Dev Days like Szeged, Dublin and Barcelona. While there is a sprint day included in DrupalCons (usually) on Friday, given that a lot of the Drupal core and contrib developers fly in for these events, it makes a lot of sense to use this opportunity to start sooner and/or extend our stay and work together in one space on the harder problems.

DrupalCon Austin is next up! DrupalCon and the Drupal Association continue to recognize the need for extended sprints as part of the schedule and are providing space on Monday, and helping organize space for the weekends before and after also! We are still looking for additional sponsors for the weekend sprints before/after to help with space, internet, coffee, tea and maybe food.

Travel Plans

Now is the time to consider if you can be available and book your travel and hotel accordingly!

Practical details

May 31st (Sat), June 1st (Sun), and June 7th (Sat) and 8th (Sun). (There is already a DrupalCon sprint day on Monday June 2nd and Friday June 6th 2014 at the DrupalCon venue as well, but we might be moving it to the Sunday location, and we need to make sure internet is good enough for 200 people).
We start each day at 9am and have space booked until midnight.


Lead sponsors:

Drupal Association @DrupalAssoc
Blue Host @bluehost via @jsmith

Thank you!

Additional sponsors:

Hook 42 via @aimeeraed and @kristen_pol

Looking for sponsors

We are looking for more sponsors to be able to pay for extra expenses. If you are interested sponsoring or if you need sponsors to cover expenses, please contact me at


We're planning a BDD sprint

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We're planning a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) sprint for the Sunday and Monday before the Con.

Help us build out client side test coverage!