Florida Drupal Camp 2014 - Coding for a Cause

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This Saturday is the annual Florida DrupalCamp. Web developers and Drupalists from all over the state are coming together to learn, network and discuss web development and the Drupal content management system. For more information on the camp visit: https://fldrupalcamp.org

On Sunday, we will be holding the companion Community Day event, and as part of that we are looking for volunteers to help us with the Coding for a Cause program.

This event brings Drupal developers and project managers together with one or more non-profit organizations in need of a new website.

Led by Ben Hosmer, participants will develop Drupal websites at break-neck speeds with the long-shot goal of getting out the door with completed website.

This event is great for newbies and experts - and anyone that wants to make a positive contribution through code, as well as gain valuable and marketable experience.

We are especially looking for:

  • Site builders
  • Themers and front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • And anyone else interested in lending a hand

You can contact me if you would like to volunteer, or you can just show up at Florida Technical College on Sunday morning!


I will be there. I'm a themer

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I will be there. I'm a themer but willing to help with graphics or anything else needed. Is there a repo set up yet? It would be great if I could have a local set up and ready to go ahead of time...

15 minutes

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For the record, if anyone needs a logo, I've heard that Cielo can whip one out in about 15 minutes.


P.S. That joke never gets old.

haha! Just to put it throw

C13L0's picture

haha! Just to put it throw Natalie under the bus...She has some mad Illustrator skills now. We should have a contest

I will be there!

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I will be there! I'm looking forward to helping anyway I can!

We will be there

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Caroline and Karan will be there... We can do what is needed

Caroline Achee

Awesome. I am very happy to

robert.laszlo's picture

Awesome. I am very happy to hear that most of the band is getting back together!


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