Many features overriden out of the box

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I cross posted this in the OA issue queue already but no response yet. I've got a number of similar questions and will be sure to post here first in the future.

I'm attempting to grasp the OA/Panopoly architecture so that I can be aware of overriding code and using Features Override to manage it, but it's turning into a quagmire because so much is already overridden out of the box for unknown reasons.

I can't find anywhere that describes the "needs review" label that appears occasionally in the Features UI - not even sure which module is responsible for it, Features or Features Override. Why does that show up and how is it different than just stating it's overridden? Just as an aside, I've always wished you could hover over a section and you could see which module is responsible for it.

At admin/structure/features, the following modules are overridden (again, this is a virgin Pantheon setup):

Archive, Config, Discussion, Events, Event Imports, Media, Messages, Panopoly Users, Permissions, Sections, Subgroup Intergration (sic - note sp. error) for Spaces, Teams, Wiki, Work Tracker.

As an example, within the Discussion Feature, Field Instances and OG Permissions are overridden.

I was looking at the node edit form section of Page Manager and noticed that all of the OA pages are overridden. (/admin/structure/pages/edit/node_edit)

Any of the variants, Space, Team, Wiki, etc are all listed as overridden but attempting to drill down doesn't give a clue as to why. I can't find them as features either, nor can I find where the code lives.

I have a lot of experience on D6 but little on D7 and at first it seemed like distributions made a lot of sense until I realized the pitfalls and limitations of using Features. It's beginning to look like a maintenance nightmare and more trouble than it's worth, though I hope I'm wrong and there's something I'm just not understanding yet, or these are just bugs.




There is on going work on this!

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This is something that Scott Alan Henry (community contributor to Open Atrium) put a TON of effort into in the 2.15 version and Mike Potter and myself attempted to help with as much as we could. :-)

However, we didn't get it completely fixed for 2.15 and Scott's still working hard on it! If you want to help with that effort, I'd recommend contacting him. We also have tended to discuss the technical issues with it on IRC in the #open_atrium channel.

Anyway, there's a couple of hairy issues that are making this difficult - I'll go over some of the big ones:

  • Media is overridden due to bug in the upstream module that make it difficult (or in some cases impossible) to put it's configuration in features. Here is the relavent bug in the Panopoly issue queue:
  • panopoly_users, oa_panopoly_users and oa_worktracker are all overridden for the same reason: they are trying to mess with the same panel. Scott has worked on some fixes for Features and Features Override to get this working, however, it may end up requiring changes to Panels internal data structure - it simply isn't Features friendly

I haven't done a fresh install in a while, but I don't remember the others you mentioned being overridden on install.. Or maybe I did drush fra -y and it fixed some of them?

In any case, this is a work in progress! We've fixed most of the easy cases and now we're down to the difficult ones. :-)

I hope that helps!

Also, I cross-posted my response in the issue queue

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Also, I cross-posted my response in the issue queue:

However, I really think that the issue queue is the right place for this - rather than the discussion here, because it is a bug!

FYI, the reason you probably aren't seeing an existing bug around this, is that Phase2 moved the dev version of all the Open Atrium modules to GitHub and so all the issues/patchs related to this problem (so far) can be seen there, for example:

... and many, many more on the various oa_* modules. Scott is a rock star! :-)

But we really should have a issue in the queue too, so that people can follow the progress of this effort. Thanks for creating it!