I need help with my project

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I have been working on a project for a healthcare centre and its a website that has a backend that stores all the patient information and the transactions made. I used CiviCRM for the whole database and for recording transactions i used Contributions but then there is so much extra information that i don't need especially on the search forms. I just want to have a simple search form that can search by date and name. How do i tweak the search forms and there are some fields that i cannot remove from the admin settings. Please Help


You've got a few options

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You've got a few options here.

You can create a custom report and save it:
Go to reports and select contribution reports (/civicrm/report/list?compid=2&reset=1). Select whatever report type you want and then under Report Criteria, choose only the fields you need to look at. Under Report Settings, change the title and then save a copy. Now you have a specific report fro your needs.

You can use the search builder under Search -> Search Builder to do a custom search.

You can write your own custom report template with only the criteria you need. That's more advanced but there are plenty of examples online if you search "CiviCRM Custom Report".

Also, here's a dynamite book for doing real-world tasks in CiviCRM: http://it-ebooks.info/book/2950/


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I have not tried this with contribution data but for other things (activities, basic profile fields, etc.) it is possible to build a simple view of the data. If the necessary data is available to views, you might be able to expose only the fields you want as views filters and control the fields that are shown in the results as well.

Apache solr

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use apache solr module and solr server, it is amazing