Update to 7.x-2.15 on Pantheon

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I am trying to update to 7.x-2.15 from 7.x-2.13 on Pantheon by using git push from my local installation. The problem is that I seems to overwrite the core and can not access my database.
Any suggestions on how to resolve this?
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I don't use Pantheon very

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I don't use Pantheon very ofter, but I remember having a similar problem. You should make sure you don't have the settings.php file under your git repository, because that file configuration will change between your local machine, and the different environments (dev, staging, production) in pantheon.

Pantheon uses Pressflow

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Pantheon uses the Pressflow distribtion that has been modified to work in their particular environment, so if you update Drupal core, then you will screw your Pantheon site. You will have to wait for the Pantheon team to provide any updates to core, however, you can update any contributed modules, which is what Open Atrium is about, yourself at any stage.

The Pantheon system does not use the settings.php file in the sites/default directory, so it does not even have to be present, but some Drupal functions complain if it is missing, so just use the one from your local development enviornment. Any information about database connections and credentials will be ignored by Pantheon.

If you want to have different settings for your local environment, and each of the dev/test/live Pantheon environments, you can add the following code to settings.php, or even any php file (eg config managed via features).

  $my_value = 'something local';
  if (defined('PANTHEON_ENVIRONMENT')) {
      case 'dev':
  $my_value = 'something for dev';
      case 'test':
  $my_value = 'something for test';
      case 'live':
  $my_value = 'something for live';