Using Perusios nginx config works except for rewritten urls ending in .html

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Apologies if this isn't the correct place to post this but I have had an odd problem

I have got perusios nginx config working on a Centos 6.5 server after a some tinkering about. Every thing works bar one issue:

my urls which end in .html

such as

don't work and an entry in the error log is written like so" failed (2: No such file or directory


with no .html on the end work no problem

I could rename them but I wonder what has gone wrong since I switched from this config to the perusio

one the .html urls stopped.

It seems to be looking for .html files expecting them to actually exist or something!

Any ideas appreciated as my eyes are burning now!

Thank you


All fixed

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it was the line in apps/drupal/drupal.conf

(about line 120 in my install)

location ~* ^.+.(?:css|cur|js|jpe?g|gif|htc|ico|png|xml|otf|ttf|eot|woff|svg)$

just remove the .html and all was well

and now my site appears to be like greased lightening awesome!


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