GSoC 2014 - Student Application DEADLINE THIS FRIDAY!

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Reminder to all students AND mentors that GSoC 2014 student applications are due this Friday March 21st at 19:00-UTC. Moving forward all students need to be submitting applications directly into Melange for review. Students need practice submitting proposals into Melange to realize it can be a pain and understand Google will NOT accept ANY late proposals.

Mentors...have you followed up with students contacting you? Have you discussed the project and most importantly a project management plan for the summer? What will your be your communication tools and frequency? Example, "we plan to use Trello as our project management tool and check status of student progress every week of project on Tuesdays/Thursdays in a 15 minute virtual SCRUM via G+ hangout".

Mentors...are you registered in Melange? If not, register now please @ . Students need both mentors added into Melange to properly submit application. If you're no longer able to mentor, please contact me directly as we have plenty of backup mentors willing to help.

On another note...we have some awesome applications this year. A round of applause goes out to all the students proposing projects that will greatly help the Drupal community!


Google's SoC Deadline Reminder...

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This is just a friendly reminder that there are just under 48 hours left until the deadline for student applications this year. Late proposals will not be accepted for any reason.

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3 hours to go!

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It's the final countdown...3 hours remain for students to submit proposals to GSoC 2014. Last chance to make any final updates in Melange! Good luck to all students. It has been fun working with everyone and learning about awesome project proposal ideas.