Site hacked - need help ASAP

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My Drupal site has been hacked. I am seeking a consultant to help me get my site back up.


what has happened and what

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what has happened and what condition is yous site in?


my site

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I had unknown php files added to my site. I got a Google Chrome error screen when I tried to log into Drupal on my site. My site is back up now. I restored the files to a few days previous and restored the database to a good copy I had on my Mac.

I am looking for someone to help me with maintenance on my site.


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Email: and give a link to your site and I will look it over for you and offer whatever help you need.


Happy to help

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PM me with your URL and I'll take a look and try to help you.

Maybe install the hacked mod?

The "Hacked!" module is to

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The "Hacked!" module is to show what contributed modules and Drupal core files have been "modified" from their original state, not really made to investigate actually being hacked by an outside, malicious effort.

File Permissions

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A few things:

Make sure all of your file and directory permissions are configured appropriately (Directories - 775, Files 644)

Ensure that your uploadable file systems are configured appropriately (/sites/default/files - 775 with .htaccess, /[path-to-private-files] - 775 with .htaccess configured)

Ensure that you are on the latest Drupal core (7.26) and apply all .htaccess updates

Additionally, read through your apache logs to see when access occurred and whether additional system level files were added to your infrastructure without your knowledge (cron jobs, etc.)


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