Meetup: Capital District Nosh & Connect - Drupal Ladder

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2014-04-15 17:30 - 20:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Where: Zone 5, Downtown Albany (See their website for directions & information
When:Tuesday, April 15th, 5:30-8pm
What:Drupal Ladder and NYC Camp review

Please RSVP through the sign-up button below. We'd like to let Zone 5 know how many people to expect.

Proposed Agenda (Please share suggestions, ideas, proposals, etc. in comments):

  • 5:30-5:50ish: Mingle, munch, etc.
  • 6pm - 6:30pm: Announcements and thoughts on/experiences with NYC Camp
  • 6:30 pm forward - Drupal Ladder ( )
    • *Bring your laptops*
    • What is Drupal Ladder?: An effort to get people, no matter what level your Drupal experience, involved with Drupal by working up the Drupal Contribution Ladder
    • What we'll do: "Whether participants are total Drupal newbies or expert module developers, this is an activity with something for everyone. The activity works like this: People identify where they are on the Drupal Contribution Ladder, then they pair up to work through taking the next step on the ladder by following the exercises in the linked lessons." - from How to Create a Learn Sprint on
    • *Please create an account* on before coming to the meeting.

Please bring your laptop for Drupal Ladder; there is wireless

A huge thank you to Zone 5 for hosting!


This is even better than the 29th!

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I'll be there!

Maybe bring a friend

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Hopefully a friend will tag along. She is brand spanking new to Drupal. Also...I will be in NYC for Satruday. If any of you see this and want to meet up email kurttrumble at gmail That same friend may be with me there. Cheers.

NYC Camp

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There are several of us that will be at NYC Camp. Tentative plan is to try to meet up at 5:30 pm at the Delegates Dining Room.

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It was terrific seeing so many Albany area people at NYC Camp this weekend. I can't wait to hear the best tidbit(s) everyone discovered there tomorrow night.

I also wanted to remind everyone to please create an account at Drupal Ladder ( before tomorrow night and to bring your laptop so we can each explore the ladder rungs.

Some info from Drupal NYC 2014

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A few items of possible interest....

Class - Intermediate Drupal - instructor - Ted Bowman - - the finished site for the class is at - I have an email in to him about having a problem installing the final gz at Pantheon - was about advanced views and panels. Really a good class.

Responsive E-mail Design and Theming - Preston So - - this was interesting - emails really don't lend themselves to looking "nice" - lots of tables in tables, inline css - is a helpful download for emails and html.

Using Panels Wisely - Suzanne Dergacheva - - nice entry-level intro to Panels - showed how easy it was to change the appearance very quickly (change from 1 column to 2, for example).

Drupal and the Adaptive Interface - Kevin O'leary - Acquia - this was about how the application adapts to the user - focus was on Drupal 8 - for example, the app "remembers" (through a cookie and on the network) what a given user selected in the CKEditor (say, left align) and adds that button to the 5 buttons displayed. Neat trick.

The camp channel on YouTube -



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Thanks Brendan and Tom! You guys gave me some stuff to look over this weekend...

next meeting

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Just curious if we were looking at mid may.... ?