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I am brand new to Drupal. We are looking to create an LMS where we can charge for our courses. Does anyone have experience working with existing plug-ins or extensions?

Thanks, Michele


@michelemc Since you are

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@michelemc Since you are "brand new", I'm going to try to be nice.

Your questions show you've put almost no effort into researching Drupal or ELMS before posting. Every member of this group likely has some experience working with MODULES related to education. A module is Drupal terminology for what other solutions call plugins or extensions.

Beyond being new to Drupal, it sounds like you may also be new to creating and selling access to courses. Are you really trying to "create" an LMS or simply install something someone else created to build a site to sell content?

What features of an LMS vs. a CMS are you interested in?

What type of course are these? Who are the students?

Are students purchasing the courses directly or is this something an institution would purchase?

If you are targeting institutions, do you really need an LMS vs. a system to deliver courses into any LMS using an approach like LTI?

Thanks for your effort to be

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Thanks for your effort to be nice :)
Yes, I am also new to creating and selling access to courses.
You are right, I am not looking to "create" an LMS, but to install something someone else created.
Any suggestion on where I would find a features list of LMS vs CMS?

Students would be purchasing the classes directly as well as institutions.

Thanks, Michele

This is a bit dated, but

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This is a bit dated, but http://www.educatorly.com/Best-Practice/the-differences-between-cms-lms-...

@btopro has also written about this at http://btopro.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/getting-out-of-the-lms/

My guess is what you are really looking for is really something more like http://www.drupalcommerce.org/videos/tutorials/selling-pernode-access-dr...

I agree w/ Kreynen. ELMSLN

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I agree w/ Kreynen. ELMSLN isn't really a "click do no work and be selling stuff" (yet) solution. You also might want to check out drupal.org/project/course or https://www.opigno.org/en