Mail notification for new user doesn't work?

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I created a new user and checked the Notify User checkbox but so far, no mail appears to have been sent. I manually ran Cron but still, no luck.

Has anyone else run into a similar problem?



I think it works for us

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I think it works for us. Oftentimes it's the mail server that isn't configured or something. Did you manage to get any module to send mail?

Sends Mail on Test Only

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I set all mail to use HTML Mail, which has a test feature. I tested each mail component via the HTML Mail test feature and they all properly sent test messages. However, if I am subscribed to content (straight e-mail, not a digest), I don't receive e-mail notifications.

Also, I asked for a new password and I did not receive the e-mail for the new password.

Anyone have any thoughts? I'm grateful for any help or insight you can provide.