DrupalCamp Austin

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Who is going to Austin? I would like to meet up.with the Irish community.

Will there be a Quiz?



There will be a quiz - Stella

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There will be a quiz - Stella is preparing the questions.
The Drupal Association, along with the local committee will be running it.
Nobody from Annertech is making the trip this time around - not sure about other Irish Drupalers.

We'll all be in Amsterdam though!


Thanks Alan

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Pity you won't make it - I'll reach out to the organizers, do you have a contact?

Unfortunately, it's really hard to convince my boss that I will be completely focused on work if I go to Amsterdam:)

We need to pretend to have European conferences in places like Eindhoven or Milton Keynes.....


Stephanie El-Hajj at the

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Stephanie El-Hajj at the Drupal Association is the best bet.
Put on a good show on our behalf!


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