Drupal Global training Day

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We have Global Drupal training day coming up on 31st May (Sat). Capgemini Drupal Mumbai will be organizing this event with support from organizations using Drupal.

Details of DTD can be found at https://drupal.org/learn-drupal. PFA the DTD curriculum.

Please spread the word about the event to join this event.
Event details:

Session Time: 10:30am – 4:30pm

Target Audience :
1. Developers interested in exploring Drupal as their career path.
2. Business managers evaluating Drupal for driving their technology business.
3. Student community willing to know more on CMS and Drupal.

1) Introduction to CMS.
2) Why Drupal; Comparative analysis of Drupal with other CMS.
3) Case studies / Sites using Drupal
4) When to and not to use Drupal?
5) Where to find Drupal and Drupal installation
6) Drupal terminology (e.g. Nodes, Blocks, Modules, Terms, Taxonomy, Users, Comments, Entities, Fields)
7) Inside of Drupal
a) Overview of each item of admin menu (e.g. Content, Appearance)
b) Create and edit content
c) Work with menus from admin
d) Content type and its usage
e) Block and where to find them
f) Working with roles and users
8) Getting a functional site set up in 30-45mins.
9) Using contrib modules/themes/distributions, and getting community-based support
10) Helping improve Drupal. Adding issues, testing, reviewing, documentation and translations, etc.
11) References



Where is the Venue?

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Where is the Venue?


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