Autocomplete User field in views display all user

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I have added Autocomplete user field in exposed filter in views.

I want block user is not display in Autocomplete user field.
Now All user is display in user field.
How to set condition in Autocomplete user field.



Check views settings.

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Check views filter settings.
There will be option in settings to hide the blocked users.

You can associate a view to

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You can associate a view to this field and then create a view to in which you can filter user in filters.

How to associate views with a field :

1) Got to field setting of User reference field
2) Below field setting you will see "View to Refer"
3) There you can use view you want to use.

View: -
1) Create view of user type
2) Choose Username and User Id in fields
3) Choose filter User status = Yes

Follow these steps and you are good to go

Tajinder Singh Minhas

Better ask this in

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Hi, this question is much better suited in where it is exposed to a much larger user base. Since this topic has nothing to do with Pune and Drupal, i would recommend to discourage this practice.

+1 on what Shibin Das

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+1 on what Shibin Das said.

There is a Drupal Forum meant for technical queries.

Site Building -
Module Development -
Theming -

Post technical queries on forums mentioned above rather than on groups here.

Restrict usage of India regional groups to appropriate community activity, meetups, job postings, polls etc


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