Browser Automation Scripts Like Features but for Training

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I propose a module that will create a database of selenium scripts that perform many different tasks. This would be used to give a visual guide on how to perform various tasks, but also actually completing the tasks. For example, if someone is new to Drupal, and doesn't know how to create a user, they would select the premade user create script, entering the various field information, and after clicking "go" or whatever, the automation would kick in, adding the new user, but also showing the newbie how to do it.


Tour for training?

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I like automated tests and, but I think for training that a tour might be a better fit, like used in Open Atrium. Have you seen the tours in Open Atrium or joyride? I think the Tour module is part of Drupal 8.

Tour for Training

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Drupalextensions might be exactly what I was thinking. It does seem to be more related to testing, but I'll check this out and see I can achieve what I was planning to do. Thanks for your reply.