DrupalCon Austin Earlybird ($400) ticket for sale

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Hey everyone,

My plans have changed, and I'm unable to attend DrupalCon Austin. My earlybird ($400) ticket is non-refundable, but it's transferable! Let me know if you are anyone is looking to go, but hasn't purchased a ticket yet. Buy my ticket!

Contact me > https://drupal.org/user/589890/contact.



Is ticket still around?

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If that ticket's not already gone, I will buy it. If it's available, you can call me and I'll Paypal the money to you.

Theresa Quintanilla
(281) 433-2302

Theresa Quintanilla

I've got an early bird ticket too

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If you're still looking, I've got an early bird ticket I've recently learned I won't be able to use either. I'll give you a call or text tomorrow if you're interested.

Hi, I am interested

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Please let me know if you have a ticket or know of one. Thanks so much!


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Sorry, Theresa. Jason and I worked out something over the weekend.

But email me. I might have a coupon code you can use for a little discount at least.


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Hi, I'd be interested in the coupon too if I can't place an early bird ticket. Thanks so much!

DrupalCon Austin ticket

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Hi all,

Our company has 2 Early Bird tickets we are willing to sell. Let me know if you are still interested.
Craig - (208) 639-4499


Craig Hoyt
Director of Development
Tribute Media
(208) 639-4499



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Thanks! Will talk with you soon.

Theresa Quintanilla

I have a ticket to sell

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Hello - I have an early bird ticket that I'd like to sell as well. Please contact me here: https://drupal.org/user/144520/contact


Austin ticket for 350$

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As I cannot attend I am offering my registration to anyone interested. I paid the Early Bird price (433 USD) but am happy to sell it quickly for 350 USD. Just mail me at tomi AT vacilando DOT org and I will ask the Drupalcon organizers to do the transfer.

Tomáš J. Fülöpp

Vacilando If that ticket's

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Vacilando If that ticket's not already gone, I will buy it. If it's available, you can write me in skype and I'll Paypal the money to you.

Luis Dueñas
skype user: isimgt