Ready, Set, Code - GSoC 2014 Starts NOW!

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Good luck to all students that have officially started coding today. August will be here quickly...make sure to get started ASAP.

Everyone else in the Drupal community, it is time to say hello to a few new faces. Below is a list of our projects and students contributing to Drupal all summer via Google's Summer of Code 2014.

*Build an Elastic search module for Drupal
++ xan_ps from India ( )

*Build a mapping tool for Drupal 8
++ sachini from Sri Lanka ( )

*Create sensor instances for Monitoring D8
++ karanp from India ( )

*Drupal - fluxpocket (Pocket integration for Fluxkraft)
++ umar-ahmad from India ( )

*Migrate to Drupal 8
++ amool from India ( )

*Port Diff module to D8
++ lhangea from Romania ( )

*Port Disqus Integration Module to Drupal 8
++ angrycodr from India ( )

*Porting and improving of the Drupal FAQ module
++ hurtonypeter from Hungary ( )

*Porting Securesite module to Drupal 8
++ shivanshu from India ( )

*Port XML Sitemap to Drupal 8
++ andreimarius from Romania ( )

*Re-platform the IMCE Module to Run with Drupal 8
++ alecksia from United States ( )

*Tips & Tricks (Build Example iOS App for Drupal 8)
++ vivekvpandya from India ( )

*WYSIWYG inline entity
++ cs_shadow from India ( )


Good luck!

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Good luck to everybody!

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