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How to send mail with Commerce Invoice to customer.

I am unable to send commerce invoice after I process order from commerce.

Pls help me solve this issue.


Hello, If you are using

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If you are using Drupal Commerce, you must have Rules module enabled in your Drupal instance. Reach to the Rules sets & check for existing rules for invoice..

If there no rules for sending invoice then create one.. It's simple to create a rules to send email based on your set format while user checkout. You can set several separate mails for different condition such as - paid, COD, payment pending etc..

Try to search for rules set for sending invoice.

If you make one & it doesn't work, try to paste exported rules here..


better to use Rule module.

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I agree with RajeevK,better to use Rule module.

thanks, I got it. We can you

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thanks, I got it.
We can you Commerce Invoice module or simply us rule module.

Thanks a lot.

It depends upon your

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It depends upon your requirement.

If you need to send simple mail with purchase info without any design then use simple rules.

But if you need to send in PDF format or designed HTML format, you will have to take help from some other module.

For extensive help, use #IRC

Thanks :)



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