New here and to Drupal - bit of a novice!

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Hi all,

I'm new here and relatively new to Drupal having only used it a small bit in the past and now having to use it for my current role.

I'm having some difficulty with our website and I was wondering if anyone knew of/could point me in the direction of a person preferably in Dublin or the surroundings who could provide a good crash course/tutorial on the structure side of things? For example the menu dropdown options aren't working right now on our site and I'm trying to rectify it but the grid box is present and won't disappear - no 'grid' box in the corner to press so this basically doesn't allow me to edit anything. This could be a really easy fix but I just can't figure it out...

Way too used to Wordpress - don't all scream!

Thanks a mill,

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Hi sarah

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Hi sarah I am not sure that would help just try it .

Hi Sarah There are a few

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Hi Sarah

There are a few other great online resources for Drupal. The ones I found very helpful when I was getting started include

There is a great Drupal community in Dublin that meet-up the last Wednesday of every month at 7pm - at Dara Creative's offices, 19 Magennis Place, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 - keep an eye on for more info.


Oh thank you but I have these

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Oh thank you but I have these long green lines appearing down the backend - apparently an error in the design interface that I can't turn off!

Will definitely attend the next meet-up of this group and thanks for the resources also, will check them out now.

Sarah could you provide a live Link .

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Sarah could you provide a live Link . just to see exactly what its look like . or snap shots will be helpful.

That sounds like a CSS issue.

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That sounds like a CSS issue. What theme is being used in the backend?

The Firebug extension in Firefox is a great tool for tracking what CSS is being used on various elements.


Everyone gets back so quickly

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Everyone gets back so quickly janey mac wasn't expecting this! This is the website: and as you will see the menu dropdown is appearing but not working and then the green lines I can only see when I log into the back-end - which stop me from editing even the content! The theme is Fusion Accelerator?

This is what came up when I installed Firebug - - I think the Grid Mask is what's stopping me from editing. Will look at this on Google now.

Thanks all

Also just attached a

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Also just attached a screenshot to my original comment!

On the menus - it's a CSS

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On the menus - it's a CSS issue. The Submenu is using two different approaches to hide them and neither are being deactivated on hover.

.sf-menu ul { /* This is positioning the drop down menus off the page */
left: 0;
position: absolute;
top: -99999em;
width: 12em;


.region-main-menu ul { /* this simply hides them */
display: none;

I personally use the second approach on my site. So try disabling the first option and then also add the following to your CSS

.region-main-menu ul:hover {
display: block;
visibility:visible; /*this is for IE7 - uuugh */

Obviously don't test this on the live website. If you don't already have a development copy of the site saved locally, set one up first so you can test your changes first.


to switch off the fusion theme grid overlay

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Hi Sarah,

There sounds to be a number of issues on the live site, is it possible to contact the original web developers and ask them to show you the ropes?

In the mean time, to disable the overlay grid for a Fusion based theme, try going to the theme's appearance settings, which I think might be here on your site...

... look for the Developer Tools vertical tab, and uncheck the "Enable grid overlay mask for administrators".

If the Grid Overlay is preventing you from the clicking the checkbox, temporarily try and disable CSS in your web browser, and try again. Firebug, could also be used to temporarily disable the grid in order to turn it off.

Hope you get sorted.