July Talk night @ Sift Towers

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2014-07-02 18:30 - 21:00 Europe/London
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User group meeting

Hey All,

We've got a few talks lined up for our first meetup in July. The format will be similar to the last talk session in April, probably around 15-30 mins each with time for Q+A.

There will an update on the Twitter account and plans for a future drupalbristol website with opportunity for getting involved in an open Drupal 8 sitebuild.

The Talks

We have the following talks:

Git under the hood
Nick Potter

Drush Make
Oliver Davies

Building the WSPA site
Rich Jones

Modifying Solr search pages for a better search experience
Rupert Jabelman

(Thanks guys - feel free to change titles or add further details when you have them),

Other details

We'll have a projector set-up and our biggest meeting room which can accommodate around 30-40 people.

Pizza will be provided by Microserve again for mid-way through the evening (good opportunity to mingle and meet some new faces whilst feeding).

Beer will be provided by Sift Digital.

We'll kick off shortly after 6:30 (slightly later start but should allow cheaper rates for those having to use the NCP carpark) to allow travel time for most who finish work at 5.30 and aim to wrap up before 9 - depending on how many talks and questions we have.

Please do use the signup on this thread, it is important to get a reasonably accurate assessment of numbers.


Count me in - the April one

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Count me in - the April one was very interesting :)

I'll be there

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Looking forward to this!

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Looking forward to this!

Disappointed I can't make it

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Disappointed I can't make it to this one. Hope it's as successful as the last one!

it's been a while

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Looks good, count me in!

I'll be there. :)

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Are we doing a chip-in for food, or is that being covered?

Still looking for another talker.

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Ideally we could do with another talk volunteer, if possible, otherwise you may have to listen to me waffle on about something (if that doesn't provoke a volunteer, nothing will ;))

Also remember to signup if you intend to come, we have a bad record of signing up, making it hard to predict numbers (and harder to find a food sponsor etc.).


If there's any interest in

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If there's any interest in it, I could do a slightly-reheated version of the talk I gave earlier in the year at Drupalcon London about how to customise Apache Solr searches.

It was originally called "Apache Solr: Beyond the seach page", but I realised halfway through writing it that that was a pretty terrible title. "Modifying Solr search pages for a better search experience" is more accurate :)

Plus 2 now, so if you are

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Plus 2 now, so if you are happy to do it we have a full house :)

Around 20 - 30mins would be ideal but let me know if that doesn't fit.

Cool. I'm pretty sure I can

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Cool. I'm pretty sure I can fit it all in that sort of time :)

Excellent, thanks.

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Excellent, thanks.

Count Me In

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Count Me In

Better to be a geek than an idiot.
My software never has bugs. It just develops random features . . .

Can't make this one - I'm on

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Can't make this one - I'm on holiday. Hopefully see you guys at the next social.

I'll be there

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and definately interested on the talk on how to customise Apache Solr searches.

Looking forward to it!

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See you then


Beer, and Pizza

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For those who may have missed the updates :

Microserve http://www.microserveltd.co.uk/ are generously providing pizza.

SiftDigital http://www.siftdigital.co.uk/ are generously providing beer.

:) :)

I'm actaully going to be able

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I'm actaully going to be able to make this one!

Looking forward to tonight..

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... in the meantime, some shameless self promotion - we're recruiting developers, more details here:


Catch me later on if you are interested.

Are talks being recorded?

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Really wish I could come tonight, but got a pitch event at the Engine Shed.

Are the talks being recorded? Or the slides going to be put online?

No plans to record Derek, I'm

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No plans to record Derek, I'm sure someone will put the slides up again!

Really interesting talks last

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Really interesting talks last night :)

I've already tweeted this to the @drupalbristol account, but in case anyone missed it, here's a blog post I wrote last year about domain access and creating translatable content (particularly for Rich):


Thanks Sophie

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Looks good, I added it as an additional resource at the end of the slides.

Cool thanks Sophie - i'll

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Cool thanks Sophie - i'll check it out :)


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Slides are public or linked from https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1SWeNA70fdSAPB4Ve4q10VMkP40rnx4_c...

I put in a link to the original talk Rupert gave at Drupalcamp London 2014.

I put an additional slide at the end for any extra resources or links that come up.

Thanks all

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Great talks last night - Nick and Rich's in particular were really interesting.