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Instead of appending the URLs with .nt or .rdf as in /node/66.nt, I want to provide an explicit link or button so that users can select the export format and click it. Is there any easy way, preferably through UI to do this? This should be associated with all the items of a specific content type.

Apart from nt and rdf/xml formats, how can I enable other formats? I installed RESTful Web Services but couldn't figure out where/how to enable the other formats.

Thanks in advance.


I don't know of a way to

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I don't know of a way to automatically do that. You can see a list of the supported formats at http://cgit.drupalcode.org/rdfx/tree/rdfx.module#n323, so you could potentially programmatically generate such list without hardcoding all the extensions manually.

Thank you Scor. It seems I

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Thank you Scor. It seems I would need to use some php code to get this done. I will try that way.

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