Brevard Drupal Coworking Lunch

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2014-07-02 12:00 - 14:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

In lieu of the twice monthly meetups, let's try parring the monthly meetups down to one a month and have a lunch coworking meetup instead.

Join us a Ryan's Village Pizza Murdock's. This will be a working lunch without any presentations, but you can work along with other Drupal professionals.

Note the updated venue change to Murdock's


What about the wi-fi?

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What about the wi-fi?

Wi-Fi an Issue

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Ya, this is an issue. Some people will have trouble having a working lunch without connectivity. I can connect to weak WAP but most people have trouble connecting here.

I forgot about wifi being

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I forgot about wifi being weak there. Any ideas for a new place with wifi? If we keep it in the central part of the county it would be better.

I wonder if I can get a

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I wonder if I can get a strong enough signal for a wireless repeater. That may help.

Suggestion for meeting place...

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How about the Central Brevard Library? Their cafe has a strong signal...

Just got off the phone with

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Just got off the phone with Murdocks.

They have plenty of room, have wifi, food, a full bar, don't mind us staying all afternoon, and would love to have us. It is right down the street from Ryans

I have confirmed Wednesday

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I have confirmed Wednesday with Murdocks =)

Just a reminder that

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Just a reminder that co-working is at Murdocks tomorrow (wed) from 12:00pm -2ish, rain or shine! We can stay as late as we want.

Coworking was a success

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Coworking was a success today! I think we all agreed that Murdocks worked nicely and had plenty of space, beer, and food.

A recap of what you all missed:
acmaintainer rounded her image corners
new-tone fixed his .bash_profile
Steven| showed off master skills with illustrator while working on a logo
Geocamp tested the blueberry beer
bhosmer helped with resumes and commits/contributing

We have decided to hold co-working once a month on Wednesdays at Murdocks as they have plenty of room. The next date has not been confirmed but we will be posting as ASAP so you guys/gals all get more notice =)


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