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Hello All,

We started Drupal Mumbai community initiatives back in Sep 2012 with five Drupalers attending the first meetup ( , today we have 356 members who are part of this vibrant community. Over a period of time, we have conducted events, meetups, knowledge sessions, Trainings, Drupal Camps , Code Sprints to benefit this community. We now have a good national and international presence.

Dries mentioned Mumbai and Indian Drupal community as an emerging Drupal community in DrupalCon Austin. Its time to take Drupal Mumbai to next level. We have several initiatives lined up to meet this goal and one of the most important initiatives is having our own community portal, which would be a one stop destination for knowledge sharing, event management, collaboration and lot more. With this in mind, we propose to build will be a community driven project, First draft of the project requirement specs have been put in a google doc, .If you wish to contribute here, please ask for edit rights.

Its our appeal to you, to join this initiative. IF you are a developer, UI designer, Architect, Project Manager, QA Engineer, you can join this initiative and contribute. Interested, please drop an email to, describe how you want to contribute. Also Include your id. We will be forming a working group comprising of interested Drupalers and discuss the next steps.

For any queries, you can call me at 9920058185 or write at

Thanks and Regards
Rachit Gupta
(On behalf of Drupal Mumbai)


Why do we have Drupal Mumbai?

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Hi Rachit,

The existence of site is supposed to be a one stop destination for knowledge sharing, event management, collaboration and lot more.

What different purpose does it achieve as compared to what a group in this site ( does. I mean what is the advantage of spending some time to create and maintain a different portal?

Hi Shibin,

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Hi Shibin, has limitations, like its not responsive, we can not gather analytics, does not have social media integrations, event management capabilities are not flexible. We have been using, for event management paying $72 every half year, building a separate camp sites like . Further, we have Twitter, Facebook page which we use for event promotions. we now realize that we need a unified platform, which would have all these capabilities and offers flexibility and more control, hence


Rachit Gupta
Founder DrupalMumbai,

+1 with Rachit on this. As

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+1 with Rachit on this.

As someone who has been following the Mumbai Community, I can say that, AFAIK, every event that was posted on Meetup has been posted on GDO as well, allowing the followers of the group to be aware of the event and sign up for it.

And having a site like is definitely a face-lift for the Mumbai community and I see no conflict of purpose with the GDO, considering the many restrictions on GDO.

And this is nothing new. Literally every significant Drupal Community has its own website. And that does not mean that they are discarding GDO either.

And it is really good to see that the portal is being built by contribution from everyone on the community rather than a closed group of people building it.

Kudos to Rachit and all others on the Mumbai community, for making the Mumbai Community what it is today and for the wonderful Drupal Mumbai Camp that was organised last february.


Tanay Sai


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