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Zapisnik sa TLD sastanka zajednice Drupal Srbije

Da se sadržaj ne bi nepotrebno duplirao, ovde možete da pročitate komentar i zapisnik sa sastanka Drupal zajednice koji je održan na prvom Drupal Meetup-u u Nišu 8. aprila 2017.



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Power of Drupal. 20 facts

Video is prepared to help the Drupal community answer the frequently asked questions:
- Why Drupal?
- Why not use another CMS?
- Why not use pure PHP?
Let everyone know how powerful Drupal is!

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Encontrar a comunidade Drupal Português em Lisboa

Bom dia

Somos uma empresa Belga interessado em Drupal 8.
Procuramos colaboração com agências, freelancers e outras Drupalistas em Portugal.

Somos interessados em todas especialidades (theming, desenvolvimento de interface, desenvolvimento de infra-estrutura, design, css, html5, segurança, angular, infraestrutura, hosting ...).

Por isso visitamos o Drupal dia em Aveiro para encontrar a comunidade Drupal Português.

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Power of Drupal. 20 facts

Find out all the answers to the most common questions about Drupal!

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Let's get together during Drupalcon NOLA

Hello everyone!

For those of you that are attending Drupalcon NOLA this year I would like suggest we plan an evening where we can do a Tennessee get together before one of the bigger parties/social events, the list can be seen here https://events.drupal.org/neworleans2016/social-events (although would be helpful if that page also grouped the events based on start times and not just the day). Anyone attending have a date & time and/or location (restaurant/bar) that would be interesting to meetup?


also sorry if I did the tags wrong, don't post in groups.do much.

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Drupal Toplantıları ve Grup oluşturmak

Arkadaşlar Türkiye'de Drupal Grubu Toplantı yapılsa ve arkadaşlar arasında bilgi alışverişi yapılsa ve Bu hususta dernek kurulsa bence çok iyi olur mesela Drupal Sevenler Ayda 2-3 defa toplantı yapılarak insanların hem kaynaşması arkadaş olmaları hemde Bilişim ve Teknoloji alanında fikir paylaşımı yapılsa çok iyi olur. Bu konuda yardıma ve çalışmalara gönülden katılacağım.

Hoşçakalın Drupal Sevdalıları Arkadaşlar

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DrupalCon 2015 Los Angeles Community Summit

Come to the Community Summit at DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015

Do you love your local Drupal community? Do you want to grow Drupal adoption in your hometown? Do you take satisfaction is providing mentorship or are you looking to pay it forward after being mentored? Are you the person who always raises their hand to help others and wants to get involved?

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DrupalTour: something original in Drupal events

If you don’t go to Drupal than Drupal goes to you! This concept was a key for the new event organized by InternetDevels company — DrupalTour. The main idea was invented by Viktor Levandovsky (CEO of InternetDevels) and inspired by world famous Rockstars’ tours. And really, why Drupal has had no own Tour by now? Now it has!

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DrupalCampChina 2015 Proposal: Drupal in Chinese higher eduction. Drupal在中国高校的应用现状和机会

1. The status of Drupal's application and of community development in the sector of Chinese higher education. Drupal在中国高校现在应用现状、社区发展现状;
2. SWOT analysis of facilitating Drupal's application in the sector of Chinese higher education. Drupal进入高校IT生态圈的瓶颈、机遇、突破点。

详细内容后续更新。More details later...

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drupal.mk is active

Hi all,

I've activated drupal.mk as platform for Macedonian Community. You can register there and be active. The goal is to use this as community interactive site. Now we can build the community to another level and get everyone together. It will also be very helpful for everyone who is new and wants to learn Drupal, also learn from each other and share experience. We can create Events, Discussions, Q&A, Wikis, Polls etc...

So yeah, come join :)


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