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I may have accidentally started a rumor that the next TC Drupal Coordinating Committee would be prior to the July happy hour (this Thursday). In reviewing my notes, I now see that it would normally be scheduled for the first Thursday in August. HOWEVER, the first Thursday in August is opening night of TC Drupal Camp - so, I can be pretty sure that it will not happen then.

Prior TC Drupal Coordinating Committee meetings happened in: November, February, and May.

Given the conflict in August, I'm going to recommend that folks interested in the TCDrupal Coordinating Committee caucus this coming Thursday (at Happy Hour) to decide on a time and location for the next meeting. Potentially, the week after Drupal Camp (Aug. 14th)?

Regarding TC Drupal Organization Proposal

At the February TC Drupal Coordinating Committee meeting a group of folks volunteered to pull together a proposal for creating a more formal TC Drupal organization. I'd like to recommend that anyone interested in helping with this effort check in with me at the Happy Hour on Thursday. I'd like to have some kind of proposal ready before Drupal Camp - for discussion at Drupal Camp.

I expect that any formal decision would not take place until after Drupal Camp, but having a proposal at Drupal Camp would be a great opportunity to get feedback from the community.

Looking forward to seeing folks at Happy Hour this Thursday.


Let's do it

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Meeting this Thursday is my best opportunity to participate. Not sure how others feel about the 10th.

We do have a standing offer to discuss combining our camp with the DrupalCorn. It would be most polite to consider this, and get back to Michael Hofmockel sooner rather than later.

I'll be there!

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I'll be there!

David Needham
Agency & Community Training Manager at Pantheon

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